Natuurhistorisch & Volkenkundig

NVM Oudenbosch

Geology or earth science is the science that studies the Earth, its history and the processes that shape it. Rocks can tell us something about the history of the Earth's crust, climate, and in some cases the development of life on Earth.

geologie zaal 1

In the Geology Department, there is an extensive, educational exhibit on the formation and breakdown of rocks. In addition, attention is paid to the regional geology of the West Brabant landscape and the ‘Brabantse Wal’. There are separate showcases with minerals, including one with minerals that change color with incident UV light.

geologie mineralen

Those interested in fossils can indulge in the exhibited Cretaceous fossils from the Cap de Blanc Nez. There are also Pleistocene mammal fossils on display, from the bottom of the North Sea, such as mammoth molars.

geologie ammoniet