Natuurhistorisch & Volkenkundig

NVM Oudenbosch


Since its establishment in 1985, the Oudenbosch Museum of Natural History and Ethnology has been a foundation that is exclusively run by unpaid volunteers. These are in attendance during opening hours on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, they man the front desk, receive groups outside opening hours, take care of the acitivity hours for children, maintain the collection, do research, give courses, topical nights and lectures, build expositions, do maintenance and small alterations to the building etc. etc.

The museum has a regional function. It has becme necessary to strengthen the actual team of volunteers, now consisting of approx. 30 people. There is a special need for staff who are in a position to spend time for the museum during the day and on working days

The number of hours a volunteer may spend for the museum is to be arranged by mutual agreement. The board needs, however, to be able to trust that agreements will be kept.

Ideally, there are six departmental committees: Nature, Ethnology, Geology, Archaeology, Educational Services, Technical Services.

People who are interested and/or skilled in the subjects the museum is covering are cordially invited to apply (and maybe increase) their knowledge. The tasks to be done are quite varied. Your own commitment would depend primarily on your own interests and skills. We do expect you to be a worthy representative of the museum.

What tasks mught be yours?

  • Receiving groups of visitors, children as well as adults, during and outside opening hours; giving a short introduction regarding the visit, conducting and closing group visits;
  • Maintaining the registry of objects and researching their provenance;
  • Assisting in the organisation of (topical) expositions;
  • Developing, in cooperation with the Educational committee, short courses for children and adults in the fields of nature, environment, and non-Western cultures;
  • Designing, in cooperation with the Educational Committee, children's activities in the fields of nature, environment, end non-Western cultures; organising and attending children's events (i.e. topical hours, excursions, activity hours);
  • Designing topical projects based on current developments;
  • Performing small tasks such as copying, assisting in the building of expositions, doing small technical chores, assisting in the preparation of test materials;
  • Performing small household tasks, such as administration, sorting and archiving, cleaning, and making coffee;
  • Assisting in the maintenance of the website, taking part in PR, publicity and other promotional activities regarding the events and possibilities of the museum;
  • Contributing to the museum quarterly, the youth magazine andf the staff newsletter.