Natuurhistorisch & Volkenkundig

NVM Oudenbosch

The building is known as the Regina Building. It dates from 1882. In the wall facing the Markt a St. Mary sculpture was put with the text "Regina Coeli" (Queen of Heaven). In order to improve access to the school for external pupils a passage was made through the old Hembroeck warehouse at the Markt. This spot remains an important entrance to the St. Louis grounds.

natuurhist en Volkenk museum Oudenbosch 2

In 1909 a top floor was added to the Regina Building, containing a large "patronage room" and a drawing workshop. The patronage room was established at the request of the Catholic parish, which also paid for it. The room could be divided by a wooden screen, and was used for the youth activities of the parish. During World War I the room served as a recreation room for the many soldiers that were billeted at Oudenbosch and in the Saint Louis buildings. The room was owned by the Brothers; the parish had a permanent right of use. In 1948 this right was redeemed by the Saint Luis Fraternity. In the rooms below the patronage room catechism was taught. Later these rooms were used for a secondary school ("ULO"). This school reamined in the rooms until the opening of a new building - the "Hellemons-ULO" - at the Beukenlaan in 1959.

Around 1970 the upper room of the Regina Building was fitted for the Museum of Natrual History and Ethnology, which until that time had been housed in the Vincentius Building. In later alterations, the last extensive one in 1997, the muesum was extended to the ground floor as well. Also the facade facing the Markt was restored to its former glory.

In 2011 is de upper room was reconstructed, and many original decoration were restored. The room now exudes a 19th century atmosphere, which is supported by the authentic display cases.